Missing my neuro appointment

I will have to miss my neuro appointment tomorrow. We have ice on the roads and I fell and busted my ass HARD and went all the way down my steps tonight. I stepped outside to smoke and noticed the whole deck and stairs were a solid sheet of ice. I decided to put rock salt down for my husband for when he came home. I THOUGHT that even though I was wearing crocs that it would be ok since I was walking in the places that I had put the salt. NOT!!!!!!! My feet went straight out from under me and I landed on my right butt cheek really hard.........AND my right ankle and wrist. I rode the stairs all the way down (6 of them). My rear end is in severe pain. I cannot lay or sit back in the bed on that cheek. I have to lean over a little on my left side. I am glad that my TN is doing ok again. But since my family doc got my 200mg rx wrong, I am going to have to call them and get them to fix it since I am not going to the neuro tomorrow. I will call to get my rx fixed and call to reschedule my neuro appointment in the morning. I hope no one else has fallen tonight! Blessings to you all!

Omgoodness Donna!!! Crocks & ice are never a good thing, happened to my husband last year. Hope you’re ok? Nothing broken? Sorry you’re missing your Neuro appt.
Take care of you, huge ((((hugs ))))), Mimi

Ouch!!! Here's to a speedy recovery.


Thanks you 2! Mimi, my WHOLE right butt cheek is bruised badly and is swollen. My husband says he can even noticed the swelling through my pants! My right forearm is a little tender and slightly bruised and my right leg, right above my ankle has a slight bruise and is a little swollen. My BUTT is horrible though! I can't even stand to roll over. I have to literally get up and then lay on my right so I can adjust myself. I have put ice on it a lot today. I just thought I could stand where I had already put the rock salt, but that didn't work out too well, LOL! I got my appointment rescheduled for Feb. 4th. ((((((((hugs)))))))) back to you!

Oh I’m glad your Neuro appt. isn’t too far off!
Your butt pain sounds awful! Such a sensitive area, that we use more than we realize!
Ice is good, keep icing and stay as comfy as possible!
I feel for ya! ; )

My mom told me to really keep a watch on it. My brother hurt his hip in a 4-wheeler accident and it never got better. It ended up having a clot in it! So he had to go get some treatments at the hospital. So I will be giving it a week to feel like poo, then if it doesn't start to feel better and heal, then I will go ahead and get it checked to be sure. This bruise is gonna be here for a few months though............it's REALLY bad. So if the knot and soreness goes away, then I will know it's healing.