My neurosurgeon appointment

So, I went to the neurosurgeon today. I have classic TN (which I already knew) and we are going to continue my 1200mg carbamazepine per day for now. If the meds stop working, we will discuss surgery. He thinks I am young enough that if I am responding well to meds for the most part, that I will have success with surgery when/if I do it. He also said if we opt for surgery in the future and it is too far off and I am in too much pain, he will do the glycerol injection for temporary relief until the surgery. I found that comforting. He doesn't want to do the fiesta mri because of the cost factor and the fact that it STILL may not show the compression. I asked about the dentist. He said that YES it can make me have a flare-up, but it won't be permanent. It won't make my meds stop working, it just may aggravate the TN for a while. So I am just going to have to suck it up and make my appointment, LOL! I may need to wear Depends that day cuz my nerves will be SHOT, haha! He also said I can call if I am having problems in between appointments. I go back in 6 months unless I need to come sooner. Pray that I don't have to go sooner! I am really not mentally ready for surgery yet. I want to try to keep it under control with these meds for at least another year if possible. I am so lucky to have a wonderful neuro group less than an hour from home and my neuro is the head of the brain/spine center at the hospital AND he specializes in TN! That way, when the time comes, I can have all my family & friends near me. I can say that even though I have this shitty disease, that I am ONE BLESSED GAL. I wish all of us had someone this close to home to treat us. Love to you all, Donna

Good luck and fantastic to hear you have a great support system in place. Fancy a lodger? Your specialist sound fab :wink:

Sure girl, come on over! :-)

haha, you do realise that's a legally binding offer, i'm packing my bags now :P


YaY Donna!
Great news, so glad he turned out to be a supportive doctor!!
That’s a huge relief!!
Really pleased for you…
(( hugs)) Mimi xx