I'm having the worst week. on the 18th i went to see my neuro, for my follow up after my mri. luckily everything was clear so no ms, no tumors. However, i mentioned to her that i have been having breakthru pain for which she perscribed baclofen 3 times a day up to 15mg each dose. i mentioned at the time that the pain was kind of building in intensity and she just kind of shrugged it off along with my request to see a surgeon or get a second opinion.

On thursday night i didn't sleep. at all. the pain was so bad that my apartment looked like the house in the movie signs. glasses of cold water everywhere incase the pain decided to build id have something to calm down the nerve.

i put a call in on friday explaining that the pain was beginning to get out of hand again, i was told she was in a clinic at the hospital all day and that she would get back to me on monday.

everyone has little tricks for making the pain seem more bearable, and ive done everything in the book.

On monday i hadn't heard anything. I called back at 2 in the afternoon to be told that there is nothing she can or is willing to do. I live in a city who has only 2 neuros, so i can understand if she's busy but i've literally be blown off. it is now wednesday. i've slept close to 4 hours each night, the pain has had me in fetal position again, and im literally shaking with anxiety of the next really bad episode. people out here have been waiting for a family doctor for in some cases 5 years or more. i'm going for my final try today. i'm in agony. i'm going to a family member's doctor in hope that she will take me on but i have a feeling that today may end in another er visit, regardless. the neuro refuses to do an er plan and will not provide me with any other meds. i'm hoping this other doctor can take an interest and help other wise i will be moving to another province. wish me luck

forgot to mention. my ankles, legs and arms are swollen and i was only taking carbamazipine and she told me it wasn't likely a side effect. ive never edema before taking this medication

Amlee, I sure hope you found some kind of pain relife today. I hope I do also tomorrow, because today is miserable. I also have tried all the tricks in the book. Right now I have a warm rice bag wrapped around my face, not helping much today.I also have been told by my Dr. there is nothing more they can do. They have told me to go to the er if it gets more then I can deal with. I have made 2 trips to the er this week alone. It's. hard not to go when you know they can stop the pain with 2 mgs. of dulidid. Last time I went I was in and out of there in less then a hour! I hope you find good help soon. Dawn