On Wednesday after a full week out of remission, I went into the er expecting the worst. I hadn’t slept more then 2 hours a night and wasn’t able to eat more then a few spoonfuls of soup here and there. Some how some way I ended up seeing the only other neurologist on the island. He told me my neurologist was inexperienced and had contacted him a number of Times and for some unknown reason didnt follow his advice for medications and a referral to a surgeon. I was prescribed lyrica to add to my baclofen, tegretol and a sleeping medication. Within 24 hours I was out of pain. Drs like him make up for all the inexperienced ones. I can sleep and eat and besides the occasional annoying (but livable) twinge I’m back to myself again.

So glad to hear Amlee! Oh I hope it lasts and you get a much needed break from the pain! Thank goodness you saw this other neuro!!
Go easy and rest, eat and rebuild your strength!
Huge ((( hugs ))) Mimi