May Tornadoes and Misery

This past two and a half weeks have been interesting. I have alternated between wanting to go to the hospital to feeling fine. It seems with the past couple of weeks our weather seems to have severe PMS.

With Mother Nature's PMS being at a EF5 force, my TN has been at 10. Steady, sharp (or dull depending on my tolerance at that moment) ripping pain through the left side of my face. It worries me, as I have a few bad teeth on my left side, but my pain us usually centered right at my jaw joint and radiates into my cheek. From there the pain likes to be inside my ear, behind my eye, along the side of my nose. It also likes to follow the upper part of my neck.

Friday night we did have tornadoes within 5 miles of my house, and while the storms gathered, I was ok. When the wall clouds got closer, I felt the shocks. Feeling those is rather rare for me. It was an interesting sensation though.. sorta like the sight of lightening arcing across the sky.

I would like to ask though.. and maybe I'll post this question in the forums, Is there anyone who at like.. pinpoint spots have like.. a sudden itch? sort of like feeling a small fly land on your face?

Yesterday was the first time I'd actually taken something freezing cold and put it to my face during a sharper pain session and oh.. blessed relief.

There are times I can take aspercream and apply it to my face.. and it helps a tiny bit.. in addition to taking pain meds, but yesterday.. there was nothing that worked long term.

To those who have TN type 2.. or even 1, do you feel drained the day after long term flares?

Yes, totally drained. Pain can do that to a person. Mentally wears you out!

Yes, I have times where I feel like bugs are crawling on one part of my face. And drained . . very drained!!