Need Emotional and Informational Support

I think TN pain is beginning to happen on the right side of my face. It just began to happen this past week. I am afraid that it will all of a sudden erupt into unrelentless, practically unbearable pain. Comments? Need emotional and informational support. Laurel

((((((((BIG HUGS))))))))) to you and prayers also.

Thanks Donna. It feels better tonight. Wow, how confusing!

I know what you mean. I have days that I have several pains and feels like something crawling in my face and days that I feel normal except for the tegretol side effects.

(((( laurel )))), one moment at a time…fear is ever present for us who “know” the pain of TN…hard not to worry some days!
Huge (((hugs)))for you , Mimi xx

The fear of a painful attack is the hardest part of TN for me. Fear stops me more often than the pain does. Days that I should be able to do more of my normal routine are often filled with an internal battle to not give in to the fear that I am going to set off the pain again. I am praying you will find peace.

Thanks you guys for your support. Tomorrow I see my Dr. And I’ll report what’s going on. As it is, the pain has slipped into a minute fraction of what concerned me. It is not to say it won’t erupt, but the statistics of getting it on the other side are actually quite small, so it will probably be ok.

Not afraid...I occasionally will feel something on the other side og my face and think "oh no, it can't be TH". Luckily it has gone away or else my meds are masking it, i chose to think it was nothing. kg

famof8...I agree with you, I also am so afraid of an attct, I am so careful with what I do and worry about setting off an attack. Sometimes, actually alot of times I have pain for no reason, I'll have taken it easy all day, stayed warm, and still pain will hit. Isn't it an awful way to live? kg