Blaming the weather for last 10 days

Of tn2 pain that will not let up.It hurts to breathe, my lips burn, my nose burns,my ear burns. The whole right side of my face feels like a basketball with way to much air in it. My teeth ache terrible! My ear is throbbing.I have been held hostage in my room clinging to my rocking chair, praying that all this heat, humidity, bar.p, dew point, changes for the better.I no longer feel very postive about getting a break anytime soon, each new day seems to get worse (if that is possible) not better. I have tried very hard over the last week to avoid as much humane contact as possible so as not to bite someone 's head off! Forced myself to go to the grocery store yesterday with my mom.The cold air in the store was more then I could handle, broke down in tears in isle 6, grabbed a few things just to get by another day or two still praying for any relief! Nothing is helping.I took a shower last Friday and sent my pain skyrocketing from just terrible to horrible if that makes any sense. It hasn't gave me more then a min. here or there.I am scared to try to take another shower, could it get worse? I am to afraid.Brush my teeth, yeah, right! I am so afraid someone will stop by to check on me, I don 't want to be ugly to anyone.Right now the pain is too much to deal with by its self. I have to go min. by min. sometimes even sec. by sec. I just want it to PLEASE STOP!!

I had this straight for about 2 months. Right now I am on month 3 of this current attack...But after a crap ton of meds it is seeming to lessen up some. I totally understand about the visitors. I actually put a sign on my front door that says "Please call before stopping in". Terrible, I know. But I just could not do it. I was pissy and laid up in my bed in pain and could not handle company. I too could not shower or brush my teeth. I felt so dirty and nasty and gross. Every few days I would attempt to shower with hubbys assistance. Sometimes the pain got so bad while standing in the shower, I would damn near pass out. So hubby stayed in BR with me to make sure I didn't fall and crack my head on top of everything else. I would sit in the tub and at least wash my body to try and not feel as nasty. Washing the hair, the face, and brushing teeth is still at hit and miss ordeal.

I take a lot of meds that make me pretty wobbly on the feet, I now have no temperature sensation, and I get really confused and disoriented sometimes. But it is all calming down finally and I am praying for a full remission soon.

The meds I take are:

Neurontin 1200mg/day

Tegretol 800/mg day

Oxycodone 20-40/mg day



Celexa (anti-depressant) 10mg/day

I have TN, Occipital neuralgia, and a chiari malformation.

Get in to see your doc or give the nurse a call to see if they can do some better pain management for you ASAP!

Yes,you need better pain management.
In the meantime, practice focusing on moments when the pain is a little less, even if it is for only a microsecond. Breathe into these microseconds and let them build. There is a tiny bit of freedom there, let it accumulate. Be in charge.

Also I understand feeling grimy makes you feel worse. See if you can at least get a warm washcloth over any part that can stand it. You can also get food safe hydrogen peroxide and put a drop in a glass of warm water and swish it around in your mouth and then spit it out and rinse. That will automatically kill off a lot of bacteria and that will help make you feel better too. Each little thing we can do for ourselves helps us not feel so helpless. This will ease some discomfort. Every little thing makes a difference.

The weather will changeā€¦it always does at some point.

Keep heart.