MAGIC MOUTH WASH! Great! Read... :)

I have TN both type 1 and 2. I have to say i never though this mouthwash would work but it helps the burning and certain types of pain so much. It doesn't help shocks or really any type 1 symptoms but has been a god send for a lot of pain in my mouth for type 2. I also have gums that get irritated and it makes my TN SO much worse but this really helps and numbs my whole mouth! Def 5 stars, give it a try. Hope it helps you as much as its helped me. You do need a precsription for it and i am supposed to use it every 6 hours! One main ingredient is litocaine. If any one else feels the same please let me know :) Feel Good Everyone!

I’ve tried the mouthwash Jen and it helps some. I wound up getting a script lidocaine tube and trays from my dentist, this helps better for me in conjunction with my other Meds.
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So glad you found something to relieve you!

What is the name?

Hi there! Funny that you should mention the mouthwash. When I was in the middle of a horrible attack I found that putting very cold water in the right side of my mouth alleviated the pain for a few seconds until the water got warm and then I had to spit it out and get more cold water-I was running around the house trying to get thing done with water in my mouth all day long!

its name is Magic Mouth Wash its a rinse

thank you so much for this message my 3 yr old grandson is suffering horribly right now and im trying to get the mouthwash and nasal spray