Litocaine Creme..does it work?

I just got a prescription for litocaine creme..has anyone had success with this? My DR wanted to give me the patches but it was so expensive i had to get the creme, wondering if anyone else is on it and what they think of the medication. Also do you put it on when it on as needed and how long does it last for? Im hoping this can get me out of some of the horrible face pain i have! thanks :)

I got prescribed lidocaine 5percent cream and it does help. I have classic tn with shocks and spasms. I put it on at night before bed right where spasms happen and on gums on that side. It helps me be able to relax enough to be able to sleep. I can put it on three times a day. I just use small amt. I think you have to use just small amt or it can cause rapid heart beating or something. Just check with your doctor. I think it numbs and stops spasms and pain some. Hope you get relief

BKing do you mean 2.5 percent of lidocaine and 2.5 percent prilocaine to equal 5 percent or did you get 5 percent of just lidocaine? I got 2.5 and 2.5 and its not working as well as i had hoped.

Jen, It's just Lidocaine. It seems to help me some with the spasms and shocks especially at night so I can at least fall asleep. I am also on Topomax, 11th day, and it is starting to help. I have been doing deep breathing and listening to some guided relaxation stuff I found on a phone app to help at night too because when I tense my mouth and jaw the pain is so much worse as you probably already know. I also found that soaking a towel in epsom salt and hot water and wrapping it around my neck helps too.


I know this isn’t about lidocaine, but I got a mouthguard made for night time because of the clenching . It helps make you relax your jaw.

Candy, does that help with spasms and pain then for you? Might have to try that

I believe it has helped. The real reason I got it was because I was having more tn2 during golf. I was clenching when I hit the ball and my jaw would ache and ear would burn. It helps and the doc that made it said wear it at night.