KTRose's TN has returned. :-(

This past Tuesday, 9 months after MVD, KTRose’s TN attacks returned out of no where. As of today she has had 3 attacks that have run 30 minutes to an hour of the stabbing pain-pause-stabbing pain cycle. She has also had painful momentary stabs set off by wiping her nose, the air from the fridge, etc. Call in to Hopkins, looks like we will be back on beds and running around for tests just in time for. The new school year. Sigh. I just hate this for my baby.

I'm so sorry. I hate it to for her.

This breaks my heart, for her and for you…I’m so sorry. … I hope it goes away as quickly as it has returned , perhaps just a low dose med will do the trick to keep it at bay. Positive thoughts, keeping you in my prayers.please keep us updated,
((( hugs ))), Mimi

I’m so sorry! I saw you post this in FB and my heart broke. I hope it goes into a remission very soon. Xoxo

So sorry. Makes my heart hurt for her. It's bad enough for adults to deal with this, but CHILDREN??? I just can't imagine. Hugs and prayers.