Just had Balloon Sinusplasty

My ENT thinks they may be able to help by doing Balloon Sinusplasty, so I had the procedure yesterday. No promises but the thought is, if you take pressure off the face, it will either reduce pain intensity or maybe even stop the pain? Anything to have less pain in my face! The procedure is done in office. Sinus surgery use to be done in the hospital. This is much less invasive and only 2 day recovery if that. I'm doing great today but the procedure itself is not really painful but "Weird" is the best way to describe it. Each time the Balloon is opened to restructure sinus, you feel pressure not pain. (mine extremely narrow based on cat scan) which puts much pressure in face and on nerves. It's a really odd sensation but if it works, I would do it again in a second as the doc numbs you very well. Procedure is 1 hour. My face had been hurting for days and all of my upper teeth on the right side. As soon as the ENT numbed my entire nasal cavity, he gave a shot of lidocaine. Instantly, I had relief from the pain in face and teeth. A sign this might help. It might take several months before I know how well this is working. They are doing a study on me and will follow my quality of life after procedure. I will keep you posted! I'm so glad to read the post today of Mimi, her procedure Successful! That is such great news! There is Hope! Merry Christmas to all and I will continue to keep everyone in my prayers. Daryl

Hope it works, let us know. Happy Christmas Day to you. xx