Long time, no see! Post BC surgery

So I haven't posted in a looooong time since my last surgery - Mainly because I was kinda feeling better (right cheek-wise. The temple still feels like a bullet to the brain.) I'm back now to ask anyone if they developed a different TN sensation after having a balloon conpression. Before, I had difficulty eating (Mainly because of the muscle movement on my temple), so the surgeon attempted the balloon compression to ease it. He made my whole right side of my face numb and now that it's been over a month of recovery, it's waking up more. Now I actually have TN pain in my cheek like a sharp electrical shock or the feeling of barbed wire being dragged across my cheek. It's not very often, but when it does happen, its very painful. Has this happened to anyone? Try to treat a certain TN with a balloon compression only to get the symptoms of it in a place where it never occured?

I know how frustrated you must feel. I did not have a balloon compression but a nerve block on my V2 (part of trigeminal going towards the upper teeth). It kept the pain away for a week, while the V1 "woke up" and went crazy it feels like someone is putting a blow torch to my forehead and squeezing my eyeball. Now the V2 is zinging once again....So it seems like trying to find relief only made my life worse off!