Balloon Compression...good or bad outcomes?

Hi to all,

I was looking through the site yesterday and read a post from someone who had a successful balloon compression after a failed MVD. I had a left MVD in March and no relief from the pain.

Please let me know what experience others of you may have had with this procedure.

Take care everyone.


So sorry. I haven't had any procedures so I can't give you any advice. Keep going back until something is done to help you. (((((((((HUGS))))))))))

Hey! Sorry to hear about your MVD failing. I had to same problem (mine was the right side). I had an MVD and it worked for about 10 weeks post-op until I returned to work, then it started up again. That was in March 2010. Since then, I have had various nerve blocks and 2 balloon compressions. The first helped somewhat, though be aware a majority of your face is going to numb. After the effects wore off, the pain returned again. A BC is only temporary relief. I had another one this past March. I thoroughly believe that was a mistake. My doctor treated the V2 nerve rather than the V1. Again, I was numb on that whole side - However, as my numbness wore off I had issues with the V2 and V3 (V1 is the problematic one). The numbness also didn't last as long. This is just my personal experience and I don't want to deter you away from the decision - I'm just giving you my point of view of what I have gone through. Hope this helps somewhat. Don't take my story as a sure-fire thing to avoid a BC, many have had success from a BC. I just happen to have terrible luck with it. I am going to have a second MVD this June 10th. Feel better and much love!!!

Thanks to both of you for your input and support.

Take care.