Balloon Rhizotomy

Hello I just had Balloon Rhizotomy on January 6th. It was not successful on my ATN. However, it did work on one branch, my lower one. My chin, and lower part of my cheek is numb. The rest of my face still hurts all the time.
My question is, has anyone had it and had their bite be “off”. My mouth will not go together like it normally did and I cannot chew things like I did before.
Just curious if anyone else has experienced this?

Oh boy! I can relate on every level. After my MVD decompression failed I had balloon compression. The surgery took place in July and I had many complications. My bite was off, I had massive pain on the left side of my face. My bite is now off permanently....Today, I now have been diagnosed with AD- My next step is looking into a deep brain stimulation. My face is numb with the third branch firing with saps when I am fatigued and my first branch producing some debilitating pain. I have burning heaviness 24 hrs a day with pain.The most odd thing in all this is when I scratch my ear, I am scratching my chin. I am so tired of all this. Please hang in there and keep reaching out!

Wow, that is unreal. He said we would talk about going back in to try again on the other 2 branches but I sure am a little leary now. Thanks for the reply. You hang in there as well.

Donna, can you say more about the baloon? Where on the nerve is it placed. Are you glad you had the baloon?? How much discomfort was the procedure?? Was the numbness expected? My wife has type 2 for 6 years and has had MVD and numerous other procedures.. thanks


You might have to read up more on where the needle and balloon are placed exactly as I am not sure. No, I am not happy about having it so far. I am actually having more discomfort and as much or more pain. My bite is off now and I do not know what or if there is anything can be done about that. Yes the numbness was a possibility. I will be glad to answer anymore questions that I can for. Good Luck to you and your wife.