Rhizotomy vs TMJ

I am scheduled for a Rhizotomy in 2 weeks. I have already had an MVD which worked but not 100%. I have most of my pain ion my jaw which then leads to my teeth and tingling on my lips. I was jsut wondering if anyone has had a Rhizotomy?

I did, and it worked. Thing is I was totally caught off guard by the pain I felt when they woke me up for the spit 2nd to make sure they were in the right place. To say it was the most intense pain I ever felt, and mind you I birthed two kids naturally, is a understatement.

Well that makes me a little nervous. But I am glad to hear that it worked for you. Where was your pain? Mine is in my jaw so they will be in that area.

Thing to remember is they only wake you up for a second or two, so it is quick. In my case the pain was in my cheek, and upper jaw. It took about a week, but yes it did work, and I have no regrets.

Hi DeboraRoad, I’m having an MVD on Tuesday. I’m curious what went wrong with your MVD that you need a Rhizotomy? I have TN1 that took 18 months to diagnose. Had a tooth pulled for no reason, tried acupuncture and TMD appliance. Have reached a point on Carbamazepine that the side effects have caused me to become someone I don’t recognize, neither does my family. I hope your procedure works, would like to know.
Good luck, Bob Day

Hi Bob Day, my Mvd came back after 3 months. I have had 2 MRI’s since and according to them, everything is fine. But I still have the same pain in my teeth, lips, jaw and I still get shocks but they are different. I think it worked in that the blood vessel and the nerve don’t touch anymore. But I still have the other pain. I didn’t do the Rhizotomy. I am leading more towards Cyber Knife now