Balloon Rhizotomy

I just had a Balloon Rhizotomy (Balloon Compression) 8 days ago. I am still so very numb all over the entire right side of my face. I can’t eat anything unless it is puréed or soft like yogurt, apple sauce, etc. without biting my lip, cheek, tongue. And I have a pain under my right temple. My doctor says these will all improve in about two weeks. But it’s been 7 days so far and no real improvement although the swelling is going down.

Has anyone else had these experiences, and if so, did they get better and how long did it take? My neurosurgeon told me I would be numb, and I was from the two radio surgeries I’ve had, but this is so much more disabling. I am as numb as the most novocaine I’ve ever had for dental work. You know how you can’t eat or drink until it wears off? But this is not wearing off.
Thanks for any encouragement. Kathy

Hi Kathy, sorry to hear how you’re feeling…I’ve never had a Rhizotomy so I can’t comment but I did want to encourage you to speak with your neurosurgeon’s office (again) and address all your concerns. Sometimes it can take longer to heal and see improvements.
Sending positive thoughts, Mimi

Hi Kathy,

I am wondering how your recovery is going! I am considering BC surgery as my first procedure and I have only gotten the advice of my neurologist. I have had TN for 2 years and my meds have typically been effective, until recently. My pain is pretty bad, hard to eat and drink. The meds really mess with my memory and overall daily function. Looking for advice from people who have had this procedure. Thanks for any insight you can offer!

Hope you are feeling better.

I am trying to decide if I should have the balloon rhizotomy. Is there any post surgical pain or phantom pain after surgery?the shocks I am experiencing now are not persistent. One is constant, never stops.that one is not shock like . Just pain…anyone have advice for me…to help me decide if I should undergo the