Numbness after Balloon rhizotomy

Had balloon rhizotomy 11/20/23. TN pain is relieved but numbness is severe. Can’t bite or chew. Eye feels constantly irritated (dry?) but is not red. Can I expect this numbness to improve? So glad pain is relieved but really want to eat. (TN due to MS demylination of trigeminal nerve)
Anyone have this procedure? What has your experience been?

I had the same kind of procedure 2 years ago. I was left with Anesthesia Dolorosa, a condition in which I not only have the horrific pain of TN, but now also the numbness and different pain of AD. I hope what you are experiencing is not this.

I’m so sorry. Did the doctor not warn you of all the potential side effects? Numbness is one, as is the horror of the condition the previous poster mentioned…AD is awful. I think numbness is “best case scenario”. I have TN from MS, too, I’m so sorry.

I’ve heard AD is horrid. A friend of mine on social media in Canada got it after a procedure for her TN and she was so upset she had anything done. I’m so sorry.

Oh no, I feel so sorry for you, to have two types of facial pain. I was thinking of having ANY procedure to eliminate the pain, but if this is a possible result, I definitely don’t want to experiment with Balloon Rhizotomy. I hope that it disappears soon, if that is a possibility,

I have TN from MS also. I AM SO GLAD for you that the TN pain is relieved. My TN pain is so bad I think I would take anything that relieves it. Am I wrong? You would know,

I have TN from MS, too. IS numbness the best case scenario? The pain so disabling, so horrible, that I have always thought so. But I read one of these replies that mentions the TN pain and now anesthesia dolorosa. I just don’t know now whether to consider this in my list of possible solutions. I just don’t know. I suppose nobody does until they try something,

Good point. To be clear AD I do not consider “numbness”, I was referencing numbness from other procedures. AD is awful, absolutely horrid, from what I understand