Very bothersome facial numbness after a balloon procedure for TN

The left side of my deface had a balloon procedure for my TN. Now it has something called “bothersome numbness” from forehead to chin, including my left eye which is constantly irritated. Any suggestions for what to do?

I had a Glycerol Rhizotomy for my TN just over a year ago at leading hospital in Cambridge UK and I have had the most appalling facial numbness and trouble with my left eye constantly weeping and has affected the other eye so can’t see clearly most of the time. My upper teeth on my left side feel like they are in a vice. It has been a dreadful experience as bad as the TN itself. My only hope is that the numbness will wear off and I never thought I would say this I would rather have the TN pain back. Sorry not very helpful I’m afraid I think the medics just hope for the best and have very little idea how to treat TN. Regards, Julia

So sorry to hear this. My left eye itches and tears all the time. It’s constant, the TN was at least intermittent,though the last attack was so bad I couldn’t even move at all.

My eye on the ATN side often weeps. Oddly enough I have found the OTC allergy eye drops to help the most in getting it in check.

I have a terrible pressure and throbbing numbness I got after having a gamma knife procedure. Awful stuff.

I have had TN for many years. I am 78 years old and I find it hard to remember a time without TN. It got worse after having Mohs surgery to remove cancer from my face. Medications did not help and my neurologist said he could do nothing more for me. I had a similar experience with a pain doctor. Since then I have gone to a new neurologist and a neurointerventional surgeon. They have preformed a Ganglion Nerve Block, Exparel Nerve Block, Radiofrequency Ablation and a Percutaneus Trigeminal Ganglion Balloon Compression Rhizotomy. The Balloon Compression Rhizotomy made everything much worse. All the symptoms from the burning, numbness, pain in my eye, to a new shooting pain the that goes from my ear to the corner of my mouth. I now experience a flutter in my ear and nothing can touch the right side of my face. Everything is worse than ever. The only thing that has helped my eye is Xiidra drops which was prescribed by my eye doctor and, to some extent, the Lyrica pills.

I am so sorry for all of us who have tried so hard to get help and ended up in this condition. I would not recommend this procedure to anyone who is suffering from TN. I pray that someone finds a treatment for TN soon since the pain just consumes you.

Hi, Nancy,

I’m Nancy too. I’m 74, had MVD, Gammaknife, and then the balloon rhizotomy. The first two didn’t work and the last one has left me with the continuing pain on the left side of my face, forehead to chin, including my eye. I will ask my docs about those medications. Meanwhile, I’ve been raking neurontin and using lidocaine patches, which I cut up, on my face. Thanks for responding!