Is this normal

its been a week since my mvd, i head aches my neck hurts but my ear went half deaf, does this go away? I feel like I'm full of water there and my speech is slower

I had the same issue with hearing. My hearing was monitored throughout the surgery, and I did not have actual hearing loss, but the feeling of fullness and my ear being “clogged” lasted for two months. I was very sensitive to loud noises the whole two months that it lasted. It is completely fine now, and many others had the same issue after surgery. Try to rest as much as you can and be patient.

I had headaches for 6 weeks. Each week was a little better but it did take time. I was sluggish for months, had hearing issues that resolved after a few weeks and needed a daily nap for at least 6 weeks. Everyone is different. Give yourself time and get lots of rest.

Your speech being slower is NOT normal. This was one of the signs of my having a stroke. Get imaged or call your neurosurgeon immediately first chance you get and demand a CT scan.,

The hearing part IS normal. My ear felt full of cotton (not water) for weeks and it was weird hearing. Everyone sounded like R2D2 and my field of vision was blue for a while. But again, I had had a stroke so some weird things were going on with me.

Dont be concerned with the hearing. Your hearing nerve is VERY close to the trigeminal nerve and inflammation is going to mess that up for a while. Do be concerned with slow speech. NOT normal.