Two weeks after mvd life is so differnt

well lost half of my hearing, my speech is slurred abit and it;s sometimes hard to talk say what I'm thinking as i stutter. I am definelty a differnt person than i was, good and bad. I would do it again to be rid of the pain. I am wondering how long is recovery no one can tell me anything just we are all different, anyone have some sort of answer? I know i am surprisingly depressed now. I have put my partner through hell with this nitemare tn. He looks like hes been the one through brain surgery, i feel so quilty and bad, our relationship is now different, i can't drive work or barely get out of the chair he no longer has a wife he has a child to deal with I almost think sometimes he resents me, he tries to spend time away from me now when he can

As you mentioned we are all different in our recovery, just as we are all different in our TN. I am 10 weeks post - mvd and I’m feeling good. I still tire easy, my energy levels are low, but I am able to function normally, I still don’t lift anything more than 10 lbs.
I’m out driving short distances as I hadn’t driven in over a year due to meds, vertigo and high pain before mvd. It’s been a slow recovery for me, but no complications other than a small incision infection that has since cleared up. I had the muffled hearing for 3 weeks which drove me crazy, but that’s also gone.
The most important thing I can tell you is let your body be your guide…it can take up to 6 months to a year to feel completely healed/ recovered from the surgery.
If you notice you’re depressed it wouldn’t hurt to see a therapist even include your husband, communication is key. Going through all of this can create many emotional side effects that need to be addressed. Sometimes a low dose anti-depressant can help as well.
Be gentle with yourself, one day at a time…
(( hugs )) Mimi

May I ask why they thought you were stuttering? I was as well and they automatically thought BLOOD CLOT! Four o’clock in the morning I got a CT, CT didn’t show anything! Then MRI, didn’t show anything either! Said that is now a side effect of any kind to the MVD! And they blamed it on my pain medicine which my mom being a nurse said that isn’t a side effect of pain medicine so it was unknown but I stuttered for able a day and a half, blurred vision as well!