So i go to see a neurosurgeon yesterday (for an issue NOT tn related)..and he orders some tests. The hospital that i had these tests done at is in one of the "nicer" parts of the city...

So i'm in a nicer hospital and i do have insurance..and my freaking god!...i got treated like i was the most important customer they'd had all day. Everyone was so nice and considerate...seeing to my every need.

The procedures were done with dignity and a smile.

Again, it makes me come i wasn't getting this kind of treatment before, when i was poor(er) and uninsured?

Insurance obviously makes a big difference.

Or maybe, it's the mindset of uninsured people. We tend to think that we have to take whatever service we are given; that we are begging favors from the doctors and facilities. Perhaps if the poor and uninsured just simply refused to be treated so shabbily it would change? I am sure that if the not-so-poor and fully insured people got treated like uninsured get treated, just once,..they would throw the biggest fit ever, and demand (!!!) better service.

Maybe that's it...not so much insurance itself..but the mindset of the patient.