So besides TN, i have another neurological condition called Pseudo-Tumor Cerebri or also known as Idiopathic Intercranial Hypertension...

Anyway...i had several neuro visits and three surgeries for the issue some years ago. At that time, i didn't have insurance but didn't qualify for medicaid. I was one of the "poor, uninsured" who was responsible for the entire bill. And of course, all of the medical professionals involved with me at the time, knew that there was no way i would ever be able to pay for any of their services and knew i didn't have any insurance that was going to pay them either...they knew that they weren't going to actually make any money off me.

During the entire time that i was dealing with that issue (over a course of years) i was treated like dirt every time i had an office visit and especially all of the times i was in the hospital for procedures or surgeries. I was laughed at and talked about in whispers behind hands. I was talked to like i was a naughty child who shouldn't question my betters. I was being treated at a "learning" hospital, so i was poked, prodded, and tortured by medical students so they could "learn". Nurses and nursing aides all acted like i was a bother anytime i asked for assistance. Even the housekeeping staff seemed to look down their noses at me as another leech on society.

Up to that point, i had never had health insurance in my life, so i didn't know any better, and just assumed that's how everyone got treated.

I have insurance now, and my...let me tell you the difference so far.

Regular doctor visits are so nice. Once the receptionist sees that insurance card and my co-pay in hand, they smile and are so sweet. No more eye-rolls between the office staff. Then the doctor is nice, professional...covering everything i need to cover. Fielding my questions with a benevolent smile and unending patience. Doing their very best to help me co-ordinate care with specialists.

Went to a neurologist appt today for TN...and granted, it is a different one from who i was seeing before, it was still just a big difference. Everyone smiling and just pleased as stinking punch to help in whatever way they can.

It's such a big difference. I'm still getting used to having insurance and being treated like a "respectable paying customer". Its nice to be treated so well.., but it makes me want to scream at them. I'm the same person...i just can (barely) afford health insurance now.

Anyone who thinks having insurance doesn't make a difference...should try getting the same level of care with the same courtesy without insurance.

You can't. And i think that is just wrong.....