Soo i went to the nuero

it didn't go well they first werent going to accept me because i didn't have insurance ..i was just guna pay outright. but they said they will see me just this once. when i went in i asked the neurologist if he looked at my mri because the nuerosurgeon found compressions..and he said well if thats what he said and you want surgery i don't do that you will have to go to him i just prescrible meds at least you don't have a brain tumor. like really??? are you kidding me ...? so then i asked well i just wanted your opinion as to whether i have nueralgia or nueropathy and he answered its the same idea.... he upped my meds but i couldn't run out of there fast enough i was just so upset by his answers. i'm so upset and still in so much pain i just feel like giving up

Oh yes... I am so sorry you had to go through this.... the thing is that TN is so not understood, even by many of the "experts" who should know about this condition. Do you have a center anywhere near you with neurologists that have special training in TN and ATN? I live in Oregon, and we have a teaching hospital (OHSU) that has a unit within the Neurology department that is a facial pain clinic.

From everything thing I have learned about the differences, it is important you know which it is. Treatment for TN could exasperate the neuropathy.

Hey sweetie, read my reply in the Thread " disappointing 2nd opinion " in would be what I would reply to you too.
Don’t give up, (( hugs)) Mimi

I mean its just disgraceful! it really is it makes me so mad we are treated like this!

Don't give up! Up your meds as he suggested and give it time to work (sometimes 10-14 days). But yes, go back to the surgeon if you want the surgery. I HATE when docs are hateful and have a terrible bedside manner......GRRRR! We are all behind you and there for you girlie! ((((((((((((((((BIG HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))

They just DON'T understand how PAINFUL it really is, and I am guessing this neurologist doesn't see very many of us.

That would be maybe why he acted the way he did??? In any case just hang in there and increase the meds, but def in the meantime shop around for a new doctor... I think. :(

Just checking up on you. How are you?

so sorry darling *big hug* what a bloody idiot....argh im so annoyed for u :(. *sigh* ....bit tipsy so no good advice to give but just...yes that doctor is an annoying moron...neuralgia is pain and neuropathy is pain caused by damage....i think?..once again...just hold on..just a little longer...i will pray for u hun *more hugs*