Here we go again

how do you deal with the 'i cant see anything wrong with you so you must be fine' ??

i have just returned to work after one day sick leave as my pain was so bad it was hindering my arm and leg movement and an getting strange almost accusing looks as so called 'workmates' think there is nothing wrong with me. writing this after spending 10 mins in the toilet having a cry to myself :-(

any suggestions welcome


I don’t have TN I joined because my husband has be diagnosed, but I do have an anxiety/paranoia disorder that occasionally prevents me from going to work (though I’ve been stabile for almost a year). My doctor told me that what I thought of as people looking at me wondering as if I should have come to work was probably people being concerned and wondering what was wrong. Just know that there are people out there in the sea of judgement who actually truely care.

thanks Nicole, im glad i signed up to this site as it is helping me knowing that others know what i am going through - i think most of the time TN can be very isolating and after having if for 3 years i am starting to feel this way :(