Work issues

So, I'm officially thinking about applying for disability. I'm having so many issues at work, that it's causing me to stress and making my pain worse. I had very bad attacks all day and night Sunday. I spent the whole day and night in the fetal position. Since I couldn't get a hold of my doctor until Monday, I decided that Sunday night, I would increase my dosage of gabapentin. Because I didn't get any sleep, I called my supervisor to let him know that I wasn't feeling well. That I had increased my medication. So, I was dizzy. He said take care of myself. Then I get into work on Tuesday, still with a pain hangover and dizzy from my meds. I go and ask him if I could take advance leave for Monday, since I have no leave. No simple answer. He is still researching his answer and timecards are due by tomorrow. Then I have requested to work from home. And that was months ago. That is still pending. On top of the crass remarks that people here at work make about me and my condition. Like just go lick a battery and I'm just making a big deal out of nothing. I'm making other people sad. Because I'm not walking around with a smile on my face. If I'm in pain, I'm not gonna smile. And these drugs aren't any better. I'm dizzy and naseous all the time. Sigh. I don't know what to do. Thanks for listening.

:-( So sorry you are having troubles. Other people just don't understand. I wish they could feel it for just ONE day so that they would "get it". I hope you get your issues resolved soon. (((((((((HUGS)))))))))

Hi Latisha.
I’m sorry to hear about your struggles trying to continue working through the pain.
It can be a difficult balance especially with the unpredictability of TN.
I don’t know your personal situation, but if you feel you’ve exhausted every avenue AND are having to deal with co-workers who aren’t very supportive, then maybe it’s time to move on?
Sometimes a break and adequate rest to adjust to the meds are all we need, and then maybe you could do something else, I don’t know, but trust your instincts, include family and your doctors in your decision making process and then do what’s best for you!
Either way I wish you relief from the pain and a break from the stress!
(( hugs )) Mimi

I filled out forms at my work for what is called intermittent FMLA, that way it was understood by my employer that I may have to take off time for a day or two at any given time.

I am getting ready to extend it again for another year

Cindy, I will investigate that avenue as well.

To all of you, thank you for allowing me to not only vent about my issues, but also for giving me possible solutions for them. Sometimes you can’t see any solutions to your own problems. Thanks to all of you. (((((hugs)))))


I'm currently in the same situation as my supervisor is not accommodating to my situation even with FMLA forms on file. I have been told I'm expected to be at work every day no matter what. He too has told me I need to smile and take pride in my appearance. My pain has gotten so bad over the last few months that I have anxiety attacks at the thought of brushing my teeth, brushing my hair and putting on makeup. I'm just as lost as you hopefully someone on here can help me figure out what to do. Thanks! Jessica

I remember when I was working at the hospital, even my fellow nurses didn't understand. No one it seems knew what TN was, amazing! No support what so ever until after I quit and had surgery, saw a nurse at the grocery store and told her of my surgery, then she figured out that I wasn't calling in sick for the day off for fun.

I'm working very part time now at a much lower rate of pay, just started my second job last Thurs. Can't take my usual dose of meds at work because my vision is too blurry, but boy do I pay for it afterward. I'm seeing my neuro doc Thurs. and am going to feel her out for what she thinks about disability. I ordered two used books off Amazon about winning your case. On the disability site scroll down some of the writers, there is lots to click on to get info off there.

I was so drugged up when I left my good job, that I didn't even think about taking a medical leave of absence, plus I had disability insurance....good grief. Good luck to you.. kg

Well, I felt out my neuro doc yesterday about disability and she is unsupportive. Fell like I am drowning without a life preserver.