Help! Root Canals needed...advice needed!

Hello everyone, i know having tn def makes have dental work worse. I also know a lot of people dont need the dental work but there teeth hurt. I actually needed full mouth reconstruction and im down to my last few root canals...the TN is def getting worse...I need to know some opinions on what i should do. I need to have 2 more root canals because the cavities have reached the nerve. They usually do one tooth in 2 visits. Now they want to do both teeth in one visit and im going to tell my endo. i need the smallest amount of work done at a time and ide rather come back 4 times and have minor pain after a procedure then go through a full root canal or two and be in an attack for this long...any thoughts on that? My dr said there's no way to know whats going to trigger an attack until you experience it. This was before the oral surgery. Now that i know that any dental work can put me into an attack like this i want them to go as slow as they possibly can because i think that's the only thing that will make this tolerable while living with TN! Does anyone else agree? Or feel differently that i should do more work in one visit? Any comments, personal experiences, or ideas will def help...thank you all, i feel so much better now that i have people to support me! <3Jen

I'd probably get as much done as I can at once -- the fewer novocaine injections the better. Also, take 60mg/day of dextromothorphan (over the counter), the day before, the day of, and the day after the procedure. It blocks the receptors in the brain that are responsible for neurohpathic pain and might make your appt go a little better.

If your endo offers Nitrous, do it no matter the extra cost. It makes a difference. I also increase my meds by a half a pill the morning of getting a root canal and if I have some, I take a vicodin or percocet or at the least, a strong dose of ibuprofin.