Need another root canal

I just got back from the dentist. I need a root canal on top left molar (#14). My current TN attack is from a root canal on the lower left bicuspid in January. I'm terrified. Any suggestions on how to get through this?

I increase my meds the morning before I go to any dentist appt. If you do make sure you don't drive. Get someone else to drive you. If your dentist has nitrous, use it no matter what the extra cost and make sure your stomach is full. Are you going to endontist? I would recommend that you do. They know how to add extra pain meds into the tooth as they work. And tell them what you have and that you are really nervous. If you feel that you need it, ask them for an valium or klonopin(Klonopin is used for TN as well) if they can prescribe them or something like that for the procedure (as long as you can use it with your other meds). Contact your neuro and ask them what would be the best and perhaps they can prescribe them. It's only for a few pills. I also took pain pills, because despite the TN there will be pain from the procedure itself. Also tell the assistant about your trigger zones and go easy on the cold water.

Personally, I don't need valium but I use nitrous if I go in just for a cleaning. You are not alone to fear anything to do with your teeth. But if you don't get it done, you could be looking at an infection and surgery or pulling of the tooth. Either way, it's going to be a problem, eventually.

I was diagnosed with TN AFTER 6 root canals, 3 repeats, and 2 surgeries, not to mention all the crowns. I was having pain but only had one two major attacks but this was BEFORE the work. I'd have pain and go in for a root canal.

I did have a crown put on right on my trigger point and it didn't trigger an attack, if it makes you feel any better. I can't brush my teeth in that area but the numbing of the area did work for the crown being prepped.

You can do this!

Thanks. My neuro insists that there is nothing I can do to prep. I have a Xanax left from my MRI of my head and I can take my tegretol which I stopped due to vertigo. It’s my regular dentist. I’ll ask about nitrous.

Root canal postponed until next Tuesday.