HELP-Bilaeral TN? and Dental work! please help me

I had my last root canal today. I don't know why but every time i go in for a root canal the tooth winds up hurting more. Ive gotten so many shocks in that tooth today i dont even know what to do. I had a severe reaction for the first time in my dentist office to epinephrin which was in one of the Anestassia used to numb my mouth for the procedure (litocaine i think). Anyway i couldnt breathe, had abdominal thrusts, face blew up, and i was violently shaking. My Dentist has used this on me for a year and a half. The only change in my medication is adding my amitriptyline. Now i have to keep getting more shots because i was told the epi is what makes the litocaine last for as long as it does apparently. Has anyone else went in for a root canal, cavity, extraction anything dental knowing you had TN and it was a dental problem and can anyone relate to what im going through? Im at a loss because im petrified to go back to the dentist and i have a few more months of this....scared...and now for the first time im getting shocks on my right side, which isnt my TN side. Im wondering if it had spread...I had severe infections in m whole mouth and teeth so i wouldnt be surprised if the infection led to my TN. Has anyone else ever felt shocks on the opposite side of there usual tn side? And if so, are you TN type 1 or 2 Bilateral

Hi Jen…try putting hot wash cloths on your face. It helps me alot. I have really bad sinus problems also and I use a Saline rinse made by NeilMed…it’s awesome. Are you taking any kind of muscle relaxants? I use baclofen and it works good too. Good luck.

Epinephrine is what helps keep the bleeding under control and has been shown to increase nerve pain in some patients. Next time ask for Marcaine. It's a long acting injection, some dentists don't carry it, so be sure to ask when you make your appt. if you need one and be sure to pre-medicate with all your TN meds. Feel better. kg