Bi Lateral TN? Pain, fainted, Help!

I had to have a root canal done on the right side of my mouth ( my good side) about 2 weeks ago....sence that root canal i have been getting shocked in the right side of my face, have trobbing, and have gone into a full attack(severe pain like i was doing on the left (my bad TN side). Im scared, do i now have bi lateral tn? It was bad enough just having the left side and now i dont know how to handle both sides. My amitriptyline isn't working as well, my guess is because it now needs to take away the pain from both sides of my face. Im 27, have no life, can barely eat, and walk around covering my face. Ive been really swollen on both sides of my face, and the pain got so bad the other day i feinted. I also have been having more severe anxiety attacks which i believe is cause from the pain. I went to the dentist yesterday and went into a full attack from a shot i got on my right ( used to be good) side. My doctor was shocked because she knew i had never had pain on that side and told me i need to go back and talk with my tn Doc which i agree. She said from the bottom of my heart i ache for the day you feel no pain. She said if i can get through what im getting through, i can do anything, and i believe here. I have never been in so much pain and had something like this run my life like this. I guess i want to know if this is something caused by the root canal or did i have this comming? Thanks, could use all the support i can get right now.

i was def nerve damaged by my endo because like i said earlier i had no pain on that side untill he did the root canal and in the middle i got a huge shock jumped outa the chair basically and my lip was getting shocked and i knew he damaged me but he wont take any of the liability...hes a horrible man. he also told me i dont have tn i have some other nerve he would know! thanks for all your help

My advice would be to speak to your doctor asap, he/she may be able to either change your meds or adjust them to help control your pain a bit better. I suffer with bilateral TN too, so I know exactly how you must be feeling, I would get the pain on one side and I just knew that within seconds of pain stopping on one side it would then start on the other, never at the same time! If you are only on Amitriptytline you may need another med too go with it. Have you ever tried Tegretol as this is one ofthe main ones used to treat TN if you are able to tolerate it, I was given Amitriptyline to work alongside my other medication but I'm not sure that Amitriptyline will work fully on its own to take away this pain! Anyway, as I said earlier, please speak to your doctor asap. Hope you get something sorted out soon and have a look at the pain info tab at the top of the page as that may also give you soom advice as what to do etc.

Take care

Mandy : )

I agree with Mandy, you absolutely need to call your doctor to discuss options for pain control!
Have you tried any of the anti convulsants? They are not all the same, unfortunately with TN it can take some time to find the magic pill(s) or combo that works to relieve your pain.
Please call first thing in the morning .
(( hugs )) Mimi

can you explain in more detail? thanks :)

Cleo said:

There is a big world of difference between classic trigeminal nueralgia and dental related trigeminal nerve damage.

Yea i get an x ray done before and after any going to the dr on monday because my face is swollen. I called my DR and i need to go in because i had my endo say it could be an infection, my dentist said an allergic reaction, i have no idea but im so weak and have been throwing up. I have black circles under my eyes, and when i smile my cheeks are so big i can barely see out of my eyes.. im so scared. I dont feel myself at all. ATleast i only have one more root canal. If other nerves besides the trigeminal were damaged with medication like Neurontin and amitriptalyine work? Im on vicoprofin 4xaday pkus 2 percs and 2x a day 50 mg amitriptyline and i feel like im 6 - 7 out of 10 and i used to be a 10. I havent had any problems with over filling the canals with the root canals and all my testing is coming back as normal :(

Cleo said:

sometimes the nerve is damaged due to the dental work performed and that would eliminate classic tn. see this link

see all the face nerves that can be involved.

with all this pain are they taking xrays between procedures?