More questions:

Hi again and thanks so much to everyone here. I have become less scared and angry already thanks to all of you, lol. I read that epinephrine in novocaine shots is bad for us, but I have asthma and have an emergency inhaler that is loaded with epinephrine.. Does that mean I should stay clear away from that thing? Also, a lot of folks on here are on different meds it seems. Do most of these meds only take a part of the pain away or do I aim for 100percent pain free? What is the beginning dose for gabapentin that I should take initially. I was given 300 mg dose of it from my PCP that I have never tried yet, cuz I have a feeling that dose to start will have me in bed all day or something. I'm curious to hear which meds have worked for which symptoms. Anyways, thanks again and if I can help anyone in any way just let me know. :)

I would think that if you have an epipen for an emergency, that you should use it. It may be the epinephrine going inside of the gums that they are talking about. I have had to steadily increase my meds since my diagnosis in Aug. 2012. I still have trouble sometimes too, just not as severe as without any meds.

Thanks so much Tiger :) May I ask who diagnosed you? Was it a neurologist? May I ask which med you are on and what side effects? Do you know what caused your TN? If you don't want to answer all these questions, I understand too. Thanks again for your reply!!

hey gal-- I went on a low dose (200 mg) tegretol right away and it took away the bad pain 100%. Still have little jabs here and there barely noticable except that now i am paying attention. I have read that you want to stop the pain as fast as possible because the nerve can be harder to control if it goes on long. The meds made me feel alittle drunk at first and a bit more sleepy--but no big deal. After a week I didn't even notice. Since my pain was under control for a few months--I have now weened off the meds and have had no additional pain. People can have remissions for months/years. Hope this helps!!

That helps a lot Tacocat, thanks so much!!! The dentist is trying to tell me now that the low level electrical shocks I felt are not necessarily TN, could be dental related like enamel problems, etc. Now I am really confused. Anyways, thanks again, you rock Tacocat, so glad to hear you are pain free :)

Sorry, I just saw this. My nurse practitioner diagnosed me. I was lucky enough to be diagnosed within about 2 weeks. I thought it was dental, and later one of my dentists sat down and discussed at length about the pain and said he thought it might be neurologic. Went to my np and she diagnosed me and started meds right away. I kept having to increase after little periods of time, so I ended up with a neurosurgeon. He sees me now and we are trying to keep it under control without surgery, but I have a feeling that my surgery will be within the next year.

Oh, and I am on Tegretol. I take about 1200-1600mgs a day depending on the day. I am tired and forgetful all the time.

No, you do not want a dentist using epinephrine in a numbing shot. A inhaler for a lung aliment is different. If you use your inhaler and the TN goes haywire, I would talk to your doctor.