Hello, and Welcome

Hello to all and welcome to those of you I've not spoken to yet.

Well my God it's been a busy couple of weeks, 3 13 hour shifts, 14 hours travelling back to Lewis, 4 days of family, new and old, thoosands of em that I didnt know that I had, from all corners of the globe appeared at this reunion, and it was fantastic to meet them all. Then the trek back down the road, and another 2 13 hour shifts before I now finally have a couple of days to catch my breath, so my apologies if I've been absent, my shifts and travel aren't particularly great for checking in daily, but with this Campbell Reunion and all the travelling its been busier than normal.

Started writing this up last night and since then, I've had a fright from back home, my dad was taken into theatre this morning, and I'm just feeing helpless, he's lost a lot of blood but is through it and back on the ward, so the trip up the road may be getting made again very soon, but just wanted to check in, cause I'm feeling negligent. But my love and welcomes to all once again, and I will check in as and when I can

Gracie x x x

Thought I'd placed a reply to this already? Lordy, maybe I did, maybe I just thought I did, my heads frazzled, well since this last post things have been, well......... Grim is about the only word I have for it at the moment, busy busy busy, and stressful to the max. So another 13 hours up the road, and 4 days at home trying my best to help out and look after the bodach, he's out and he's doing well, but incredibly stressful and worrying, back down the road to work, chaos chaos chaos, couple of days off, more work, just about to have a rest and sodding kidneys are playing up again, so will be needing to get the 5th/6th set of antibiiotics for them this year, damned nightmare, and having to deal with the " preconception councelling" appointment I had, they screwed it up cause I'd had to reschedule after having to go home to see my father, and just scheduled me with a standard gynae, rather than a genetecist, who was brilliant I have to say. Its fairly been interesting, and I don't know how I feel about any of it, or if I feel any different about it, but to say that the fertility aspect of this is difficult just wouldn't be begin to adequetley describe it. That more than anything has been the biggest problem of this damned condtion, so at the moment between the full time hours at work, the trips home, the stress, the worry, and the whole gynae stuff on top, I'm running on fumes, so please forgive me for not being round as much as I should be, but right now things are difficult.

But I hope you're all doing ok and that I'll get to catch up with you all properly soon.

Much love

Gracie x x x