Let's welcome Lou2776 from Scotland


Hello Louise, and welcome to Living With Facial Pain. I think you might be the first member I’ve seen on any of these communities that is from Scotland! I am sorry to hear that facial pain has been preventing you from training. It sounds like you did make a switch in your medication recently, though, so I hope that at least helps alleviate your symptoms a bit better. A lot of our members have also had to give up some of the things they enjoy doing as a result of their condition. I encourage you to start getting involved in our forum discussions and sharing your experiences. If you’d like some guidance on how to do so - the “Welcome” tab up top is a great place to start.

I’m also always here if you need any further advice!

Lou2776 I am also from Scotland. I live in Stirling and have atypical facial pain.

Hey, I’m offended! I’ve been on this forum for years now and I’m from Scotland. Edinburgh, in fact. Welcome, Lou, although I’m sure you’d rather not be welcomed to this particular club! Let me know if you need any advice on TN as it is dealt with (or not!) in the Scottish NHS. It can be quite different in what it allows and doesn’t compared to other British NHS.

P.S. I have classic Type 1 TN which is not quite in remission currently but not quite out of it either. I’m sitting in relatively mild (for TN!) variable pain currently, but it hasn’t always been like that. I’ve been in full remission and in full pain, so I appreciate both conditions and now the in-between one too!

Sorry about that, @Woman_with_the_elect and @justine

I’ve only been a student intern for a few weeks now - and between the three communities I am a part of (and the dozens of topics I have read between them), I had seen members from India, Australia, etc but none from Scotland until now. I am, however, pleased to see how quickly our other Scottish members have been to offer a warm welcome - as primarily what we hope to do by acknowledging each new member’s country of origin.

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No need to apologise, Eisi, I was only teasing! I just like to pretend my national pride has been offended! X

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Hi, wow lovely to hear from you all and sorry I have not replied sooner. Tbh I have been trying to avoid coming on here as I going for occipital nerve block on Thurs, I am bricking it as it and am scared to read any nasty stories. X

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how did it go Lou2776?