FIESTA Scan. Enquiry from Former Medica

I need Information please from " mrr" regarding the FIESTA scan he or she had done mentioned in the 12/26/14 posting . I contacted my local MRI specialist and asked if any of my previous MRIs or MRAs would have included a FIESTA type scan . What followed from this very helpful but very academic doctor was an explanation about how companies market their scans as being superior based on mildly different scanning parameters ( IF I understood him correctly ). He said he would love to know from the radiologist or ENT who ordered the FIESTA scan that helped ‘mrr’ what paper or other document led that person to think to order that type of study …he wants to see it so they can consider adding " FIESTA scans" if this will help their patients ( No animosity --true intellectual curiosity ) …IF that group can be convinced that this addition to what they offer would help he would like to add it on . Can anyone help me contact “mrr” so I can ask ?

Thanks !

Former Medica

Nel, I can attest to the successful detection only discovered under a fiesta scan. I had suffered with GPN for eight years. A plethora of MRIs and MRAs. All inclusive, until I had Fiesta scan in NYC. Conclusive blood vessel and healthy nerve in conflict. Hope this helps.

Thanks Donna. I posted on behalf of Former Medica and I’m sure she will be grateful for your response.

Hello, I made that post referring to the Fiesta scan. I am traveling outside the country now until June and am not sure if I will be able to track down the exact source that requested I obtain that particular scan. The scan and subsequent surgery being 3 years ago I am not absolutely sure where that recommendation came from. Being an Otolaryngologist myself, I did a lot of research on this problem and self diagnosed the disorder with the fiesta scan confirming the diagnosis, in conjunction with the corresponding history and negative CT scan. I seem to remember that it was recommended in some paper regarding diagnosis and that when it was done, on my request, by the radiologist at a large hospital, it was the first time that he had done that particular scan. I was my understanding that it was just a matter of tuning in the appropriate setting for the MRI to complete a very specific fine cut sectioning of the CPA region. This revealed the juxtaposition of the ICA and the IX nerve. After I awoke from the fiberoptic surgery pain free, and continue that way. This surgery was done in Orlando Florida by Dr. Melvin Field. Sorry I can not give you any further reference. MRR