Dilema: Get a lower partial, or Not? Anyone had this done with TN and TMJD?

In the midst of learning to deal with TN, and seeing several specialists which include the Oral Surgeon, they have suggested I get a lower partial???

First of all; I have done without bottom left side molars and wisdom teeth for several years. But, since my MRI's showed "severe degenerative change of the left temporomandibular joint", they think a partial would relieve some of the pressures on that joint. My broken jaw from over 50yrs ago, seems to now be showing more and more long term affects. More to be added to the normal aging process :-(

Needless to say, Implants are not an option here! I'm concerned, they are not seeing the possibility of what affects that apparatus with metal, to rest on the gum, while attaching to the sensitive front teeth, might have on the TN side of this. Especially, after fillings and drilling on top teeth, sent pain through the roof level on Thursday! After barely making it through the work done with the aid of cut patches all along the jaw and neck (My Halloween like Costume) and DRUGS, am just now some better today from it all. This work really needed to be done before picking up a new night guard to use for all the clenching involved from pain and more.

Honestly, I feel like this is one of those dam if you do, and dam if you don't situations. Anyone experience or suggestions here? Please reply...

BTW, I think the one good thing this past week was the Therapy appointment. He seemed to understand and explain in detail, the mass of nerves and muscles with possible involvement from the brain-stem, Trigeminal, and Occiptal, Auricular etc.. which affects C1, C2 and C3. Some exercises and stretches were started, will do and know more next week as a lot of session was explanation of symptoms and history. One picture link among the many others out there http://www.medicalexhibits.com/medical_exhibits.php?exhibit=07028_05X

Working on; "Train your mind to see the possible good side of everything!"

May WE ALL have a Pain Free Day,


I am glad you had a good therapy session. I use to go to a therapist I thought was great, that is while I was in a remission time, then when I wasn't she didn't get it at all despite me taking her info on it. Felt pretty down about her telling me it was in my head, yesh, a therapist doesn't get it! But then I realized it is just her ignorance and time to move on. As for the partial, I have had no molars on the right side (TN side) for many years and have chosen not to do a partial or implants. I know they say it is because of degeneration, etc, that you should have it, but financially it is a lot and I can't see going through any pain just to look better, when you can't really tell anyways. But I know many here have had success with partials or implants, but as for me nothing with my mouth unless emergency type deal! Just my thoughts...


An oral surgeon told me once

to try and hang on to bottom teeth,

But we have to think hard here… Just make sure anybody that touches your teeth, knows where to NOT touch the trigeminal nerve branches!

Hi Lynsey
Been off site for awhile due to other health issues did read your story. For me personally I am just at the very end of extensive dental work which has upper and lower partials. I am happy I did this. It allowed me to save the rest of my teeth but most importantly placed mouth mouth and remaining teeth in alignment. This very vital to your oral health. It was rough work started in late 2011. Then had MVD on the left . If your bite is aligned and with partial in place decreases the stress on other teeth. We’ll here is another persons perspective. I wish you we’ll.
My Best