Constant Burning

I have constant buring in my lips, chin, mouth, tongue and throat. I have called my doctor numerous times. She added a new medication, Trileptol 1500 mg per day and uping that tomorrow. It makes me very loopy (dizzy) and I also have a loss or weakness of my muscles especially my arms and hands; among other side effects. She had asked that I come in to see her soon. I set an appointment. I also use a lidoderm 5% patch on my chin. It helps some. I have not found a topical for my lips. Anyone that has a suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Bonnie, So sorry you're in so much pain. For the topical pain, something I was given for my throat was Viscous xylocaine, which was first used on the back of my throat, by Dr. Tew in Cinci, as a tool to help with diagnosing. It is prescription only, but it is a topical gel and works very well. I was told by a neurosurgeon that if the viscous xylocaine helps the pain that usually is good indication of GPN especially for me since pain was in throat and left side ear. The med helped with throat and ear pain. They just do not like giving that to use in throat since you can swallow and cause esophageal problems. Maybe you could ask your Dr. about this to see if he or she will write a script. Good luck and I send prayers, plz KIY! Feel better!