Cold weather

I hate it when the cold weather arrives. The pain in my face all ways flares up. Thiis time it's a different pain, it's a constant pain instead of the electric shock that I get in my face. I feel as though somebody has kicked me in the head and to top it off I get a stabbing pain in my eye. I brush my teeth in the morning and I cry it hurts that much. I can eat but I am in pain. I go to bed and I think I have just settled down for a good night's sleep and as soon as I move I wake up in pain. Other than my other pains, that's my whinge for the day, lol.

Cold windy weather is my worst trigger and I have the type of pains you describe, I keep saying I feel as if i've been kicked on the side of head by a horse. I also have the stabbing pain in eye, unfortunately I stay in west of Scotland where it is windy most of the time LOL. I feel for you knowing the pain you are in. I try to keep that side of my face covered all the time but sometimes it's not easy,

Hope you feel better soon.

I know exactly what you are saying about the wind. I went out the other night with the dogs with my faced covered and my neighbour came out and he thought I was a robber,lol. Hope you keep well.