Categorising discussions

Hi Everyone,

As you've probably noticed as our community grows and ages, it can become quite a challenge for folk to find information on the site. The structure that's being used on other Ben's sites runs along the lines of:

  • General,
  • New Member Introductions,
  • Symptoms and Their Management,
  • What's New With You?,
  • Emotional Support,
  • News Articles and Research,
  • Complementary Therapies, and
  • Positive Pick-Me-Ups.

We had a few suggestions on our earlier discussion :

Keeping in mind, we want to keep it simple and user friendly - do you have any feedback on these groups, or whether we need to add in some that may be specific to GPN..

Any feedback appreciated.


Looks like all bases covered!


Thank you Michael :)

Looks like a good idea will definitely make it easier for all to navigate...

Thank you Chips :)

Hi Smiley,

This seems like a great idea. Did it ever happen? I'm new to the site and having difficulty wading through the 486 discussion topics!

The majority of proposed headings make perfect sense to me. However, I don't really understand what types of posts would go under the sections "What's New With You" or what "Complementary Therapies" are.

Hi Rachel, if you go to the top of any page on the top right hand side there is a google search box. Just type in the topic you are interested in and it will bring up related discussions. Hope this helps.


Hi Smiley,

Can't believe I missed that! Thanks!