New Tab

We put up a "Vanilla" TN Basics Tab this morning so we have some reference materials while the old stuff is reviewed by an advisory committee of medical experts.

There is a review going of all communities. We aren't picking on this one. We have had a problem on several with member produced materials being loaded with bias. I understand how personal experience and opinion can lead to bias, but we need to careful none the less.

So in the meantime we pretty much are limiting "articles to peer reviewed and referenced materials from professionally recognized sources.

Its by no means a substitute for personal experience, but that is why we have these communities. Their sole purpose is share personal experiences peer to peer. It is somewhat counter productive to present one members experience as more valuable than another.

The first article in the series however IS a member produced piece. Its well done, well documented and reference the authors personal experience with evidence based materials. PERFECT for all of us.