Anything would be helpful

Can I please ask who did your surgery, I'm scared to death but also excited to think that they might be able to help me, I have taking every medication possible, tegretol, lyrica, gambapenten, plus many more. I was prescribed nortriptyline which seem to help until about the 3rd or 4th day, I started stuttering really bad and I couldn't get my works out, I went home from work crying my eyes out. I have had this pain for years thinking it was my teeth, I've had 2 teeth pulled, multiple route canals that had to redone numerous times because they didn't get it all or the pain was just as bad. I have had multiple mental breakdowns with the medications for your nerves, I forget what I'm doing or if I did something, can't concentrate or remember things, one time I totally lost my memory and crieds for so many hours it was the worst I have ever been through. I started with 800 Ibuprofen when ruined my stomach, I've been on Vicodin, tramadol, percocet 10-325 MS-Contin, Dilaudid now. I have missed more work in the last few years getting tons of dental work done and now maybe it wasn't even the teeth. I have traveled to specialist out of the area for my teeth. Spent more money than I had, I had to wait to be seen lots of time just the bill could be paid in full first. Why is it that dentist's/oral surgeon don't more about this. My dentist just kept me hanging for several years doing procedure after procedure. UGh not very happy with all that pain especially when I kept asking for some type of referral, I didn't know who I wanted to see and he didn't either. PLEASE ANYONE WHO CAN GIVE ME ADVISE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME. I NEED HELP PLEASE.....

I sent you a pm, write back when you get a chance.
(( hugs)) Mimi

You definitely need to see a neuro ASAP. Make a complete list/journal of everything you have been through and had done. Check to see if this neuro specializes in TN because they will know more about it. God bless you! HUGS AND PRAYERS going out to you.

I finally had sugery at Stanford here in California, no relief. I ended up back in the hospital for multiple bloods clots in my lungs. It was a very close death experience. I now take the pain pill and coumadin and one more I'm sorry I cant remember the name right now.