A Funny TN Story About the Pain

Dear Friends,

You might not find this funny but I do. Since I am the one to which it is happening, I guess I can think it is funny if I want to.

Currently I am having a rather bad episode of the TN pain, albeit intermittent, and related to position (I get attacked when I am bending down to give the dogs their food, for example) and to mechanics (I can't sneeze or yawn or chew without the pain being bad enough to stop me in my tracks).

Tonight, however, I was laughing (inside) rather than crying because of the pain. I was watching a sitcom on television that turned out to be one of the funniest shows I have seen in a long time. Yet I couldn't laugh at it because every time I started to laugh the pain made me stop. So there I was, practicing some weird kind of reverse psychology on myself every time I felt compelled to laugh, taking a deep breath instead, saying, "Now THAT was funny" over and over again for half an hour.

It's one of those times I'm glad I live alone, because I'm certain if anyone had been here to watch me they would have thought I was a nut case, for sure. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO,


NOW THAT WAS FUNNY! I truly laughed out loud!! Thanks for sharing Pat!

Thanks for sharing Pat! I have learned to laugh at my pain too ! However I also get triggered by laughing and smiling! The old saying "laughing is better than crying "applies to me, because when I cry I always get a stopped up nose, which would be a horrible trigger for my pain!
So just want to share, what I think is a funny story about my pain. I have been having fairly intense intermittent attacks of my pain recently, is now sort of under control with Tegretol. But several weeks ago, was still having very intense sudden attacks, again my triggers often are laughing and smiling, which is something I kind of like to do, so has sort of cramped my style! So I was at work, and hopped on the elevator at lunchtime, with several really good looking construction guys, that were in the building for the first time. Was enjoying some wonderful flirtation with these guys, (I am a single woman, and has been a little while since I’ve even had a date!) they were all saying how they were lost and couldn’t find anything in the building, so I was about ready to volunteer to escort them to the cafeteria or Café, give them a tour or whatever, and continue our nice flirtation session, when I was suddenly struck with the type of TN pain that absolutely renders me speechless. I was so dang mad! One of my female coworkers was with me, who understands my condition and has seen my attacks before, and we hopped off the elevator to go to the café, when I was able to speak about five minutes later, we had a good laugh as I continued to curse my untimely attack! Like I said, better to laugh than to cry!

Poor Kathy, I can so relate…I hate it when that happens

Thanks to all of you for sharing.

Maybe that's where the expression "Laugh until it hurts" came from!