When Chronic Migraines and TN come to dinner

Usually I am pretty lucky and my two chronic pain problems take turns visiting me. My trigeminal neuralgia visits me and then lies dormant while my chronic migraines bore into me. Today they both decided to join me. Of course that means vomiting as well. Seriously guys? You can't just play nicely and take turns??

But I don't feel like I'm allowed to complain. I've have TN pain much worse than this. The new med, the tegretol, is taking a decent amount of the pain away. Sure, it isn't controlling it all yet. I have to find my appropriate dose, and I am adjusting slowly to each increase.

Let's talk about some nice things in life. Tomorrow is Halloween. It is my favorite day in the entire year. I love the magic it brings to the air.

My fiance is so sweet to me during my times of TN activity/eruptions. Well, he is sweet to me all the time, but it is nice that he is supportive through the hard times too. My beloved cat died about a month ago. We called her the nurse because she would take care of us when we were ill. I miss her so much right now.

This post sure doesn't follow any particular train of thought. I guess I just needed to type. My teeth hurt. I have a few vicodin my Dr. prescribed to use sparingly. I'm afraid the pain will get worse so I don't want to use it, because then I won't have it if I super duper need it. I don't know.

I'm glad this website exists. I'm not glad it has to exist. I wish no one else had to feel this pain. I wish if there had to be only one person in the world who felt TN pain it would be me, because I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

It's past midnight. Can you feel the Halloween magic in the air?


Hi LG hiker- I hope you enjoyed your favorite holiday and felt the magic ! I don't have much to offer you except hugs as all this is new to me......4 months of pain and new diagnosis of ATN still swirling around in my head . But thought I would tell you that I like the way you put the TN in a perspective of " visiting you" , Im going to use that from now on instead of feeling that my body is faulty and let me down. - thx

Golfgirl, I'm glad rambling did some good!! I'm sorry for your recent diagnosis. It is a tough one, huh?! I fairly recently found this website, having been diagnosed about 7 or 8 years ago. I wish I had something like it when I was first diagnosed to help keep me feeling so alone. Hopefully it brings you the comfort it is now bringing me!