On again, off again

My TN pain comes and goes, but mostly, it comes. I have made it thru Christmas, and tried to enjoy my kids and the holiday as much as possible. I think I succeeded! YAY! My pain isn't as bad as it was 1 week ago today, HOWEVER, I still am having pain. I'm increasing some meds, and have even tried some really strong pain medications which made me loopy, so I put them to rest, and am NOT trying those again. NO WAY! YUCK! Not for me! They don't seem to help anyway. Last week was actually the 1st time since I've been diagnosed with TN that I missed work for this crap. That was really hard for me to deal with. I felt so guilty for missing work because of TN. (I cried, A LOT!) It is so hard to explain to your co-workers that "Your teeth hurt", they just don't get it. Plus, you can't talk, so all my communication is between e-mail, facebook & texting. Thank Goodness my boss is Tech-Saavy and very understanding!! She has been wonderful, and I must say my other co-workers have tried to understand, I hope. But I don't think they REALLY understand. For instance, I went to work today with absolutely no pain! It is just craziness! Yesterday I couldn't have worked if I would have tried, today, my pain was a ZERO out of TEN! I just wished TN would leave me alone forever! Anyone have any suggestions as to how to explain this to your co-workers, please send me an explanation sheet! Thanks!

ALSO----If anyone has every tried LASER THERAPY I want to know your comments, the good & bad! Also Percutaneous glycerol injections. These are 2 options I'm considering as my next step. I'm trying to battle this very slowly, my Neurosurgeon is absolutely against jumping into a huge surgery since I'm only 35! I have to agree. Please send me every detail of your therapies & injections!

Love to all my TN friends!


Hi Robbie,

I’m sorry you are having a bad time but then good days also. TN pain is hard to explain. Actually not anyone who hasn’t had it can understand. I am fortunate to have great co-workers and a good boss. They understand when I drop off to sleep at the computer. They understand if I can’t come to work or come in late. And they definitely understand if I make hand motions that I suddenly can’t talk. Their concern is making sure I get home. They are a great bunch of people. I hope your pain gets better. I haven’t tried laser therapy or percutaneous glycerol injections. I have had alcohol and steroid injections (combined) and I’ve had MVD. MVD was the best thing I’ve done. I am having increased pain but this last med has helped me. Being so young is very difficult and trying to manage children when you hurt so badly is almost impossible. I am fortunate that I was 50 so I didn’t have young children. But personally I would read a lot more about MVDs because I’ve read that having an MVD earlier seems to be more successful. But that is a choice between you and your doctor. He is probably thinking that the average MVD only lasts so long so you will possibly have to have it again. I don’t know what his thought is about your age. But you are probably pretty healthy at your age so that has to be beneficial as far as having the surgery. But keep trying different doses and/or medications. I am considering another MVD. I had one in April 2009 but it helped so much. Hopefully, you will find one that works for you. I hope your pain is better in the New Year.