TN is Hour by Hour....Minute by Minute

Shortly after writing my post last night, my night went down the Shitter! That is the life of someone with TN. I had a pretty good day yesterday! You can all read my blog from yesterday. Had plans for today, tomorrow, Saturday. Well, I can already assure you todays plans are out. I ended up with MORE & MORE roofing nails being pounded thru my freakin' molars. Underneath my tongue is on fire....Throbbing....I was awake until 3:30AM finally going to bed, which was just tossing & turning and trying to get comfortable. FAIL! I can ONLY lie on my back flat with a pillow under my head. If I move to a side, the shooting pain is crazy! Anyway, I was maxed out on meds, and that was just a few short hours after my post from yesterday. Its really minute by minute.

With that being said, I apologize to my daughter, because I won't be able to go to her volleyball game, which I so wanted to attend. No "Quiet Proud TN Mom" in the stands tonight. Sorry babe.

Wanting to try and close my eyes and do some deep breathing for a while, but waiting for the doctor's office to call me back. And I know I'm not their only patient, so this is where my patience is tested. Lord walk me thru.

Until the next hour/minute--Please pray for my TN friends who also suffer their own battles.


I hope your day gets better! It is so hard functioning with a disease that changes every minute. I don't know how people that have suffered for years with this cope! It has only been a few months for me and I am about to lose my mind. If it were not for my faith I don't think I could manage as good as I have. Praying as always...

Robbie, I read your post and I feel for you. I went thru 6 years of TN pain in my eye, nose, teeth and gums and upper jaw and forehead. At times unbearable and other times not so bad. You think it is gone after several months of freedom from it and then back with a vengeance for no reason. I was a chiropractor and so I had access to all of the natural meds, supplements etc and nothing worked and only minimal help from rx drugs. I finally decided to have an mri/mra which did confirm the diagnosis by clearly showing a compression of the nerve in the Pons part of the brain by the superior cerebellar artery. I found a wonderful neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Alexander at Cedar Sinai Hospital in LA who is one of only a handful of surgeons using the minimally invasive endoscopic procedure (less invasive). I had the surgery 2 months ago (not easy but worth it now). I have been pain free since the surgery and have my life back and really feel the condition is corrected permanently. I hope you do not suffer with this too long before seeking a permanent solution. The meds will only give you minor relief and outside of surgery I know no other way to correct the entrapment of the TN. I also pray for you and your journey> I hope the words give you hope! Jay