8 Days Post MVD#2

Hi Folks

8 Days after suregery still having some intense headaches and not 100%

Better days ahead

When I came to was just stepping out of elevator headind for my room ofcourse in my hospital bed.Pain was very intense and very nausiated I would be like this for quite a few days after could not keep even water down if ther was a slight smell of food or such.Hooked to a morphine pump which I was not sure if was helping or making things worse.So I asked to be removed from the pump......what do they do....they double the dose which in return I demanded to be taking off the morphine pump.Very difficult couple days in hospital.3rd day I was discharged & headed for home.My recovery at home has been slow and I'm still having bad headaches,my appetite is not where it should be but that too will come.

I have slight numbness in my right side.

Dr Tyamianski could not find any other compressions so he removed then replaced teflon he cleaned some scar tissue up and stimulated the nerve.I am still taking 500mg of Tegretol 4 times a day but soon to start wheening off.He did say a 3rd MVD would not be possible.Pain mngmt would be our next step if it returns.I'm still taking things slow and one day @ a time.I wanted to post something as we are heading to the cottage for 2 weeks R&R

I will post more as time passes.

Thank you all so much


Brian, I hope Dr.Ts work tidying things up in there did the trick! Good sign there were no other compressions.
So glad you are off to the cottage and hope you can rest, rest and rest.
You know the drill, :wink: took me 3 weeks before I could eat more than tea, toast & eggs.
I’m 11 weeks post op now and still very low energy…one day at a time. Glad you checked in!
Please thank your wife for her updates while you were in hospital.
Take care and take the med weaning slowly…check in soon!
Mimi xx

Wow…try to stay hydrated with sports drinks…jello etc. thanks for the update…and enjoy the R and R for what you can.

When you come back to civilization

Sending positive thoughts your way! Rest and take care of you!

Hi Folks

Sorry for being away I have had a rough time since surgery.Feeling much better only in the last week.I have lost 30 LBS since surgery my appetite is still not great but getting better.Headaches and being nausiated has subsided thank god.I have NO TN pain,I am completely off Tegretol.I still have numbness in my lower jaw and temple area hopefully in time that too will subside.I still have a journey to get back to 100% healthy but I am confident this will happen in time.Thank you and will continue to update as time passes.:)

How long between #1 and #2?

1st MVD was January 29 2010

2nd was June 17 2013

3 years 4 months

Sending healing thoughts your way Brian. Take good care. Hugs

Thank you so much Hope.......May you have Happy Healthy Days also :)

Great to hear from you Brian, sorry to hear about the rough recovery!
Glad though that things are turning around…wow 30lbs!! Crazy! Hope your regaining strength…
No TN pain and no tegretol …that’s awesome!!
Take good care, go easy though…
:slight_smile: Mimi