Yep, Ive lost my mind

Is anyone else constantly running into the same scenario: People faking empathy with their faces yet not doing a darn thing to help you? I keep getting the door closed on me here and this is not cool. So this is what is going on:

I have been seeing a pain specialist since January. He sucks. I mean, yes he works to keep the pain at bay ( Id rather sledgehammer myself square in the mouth, I think that would make it feel better), but he has NO knowledge of Trig. He keeps insisting that the 24/7 pain right smack dab in my mouth is "one big trig attack". Yeah, no NO its not.

I do have a regular Neuro but quack quack... k, enough said. I dont like him nor appreciate him and he has bad bed manners. I am going to be moving my files to a new neurologist that I heard from SEVERAL people is a very compassionate doctor; which afterall is what we NEED when dealing with pain- people that actually give a hoot.

BUT my snafu is such- NO ONE WILL DIAGNOSIS MY MOUTH PAIN because they say it needs diagnosed by a neurosurgeon. Huh? or at least a neuro which mine is just .... well... we went over him already. So in any event, I DO need to see another neurosurgeon ( the back of my head keeps swelling up BAD and then going back down). NO NEUROSURGEON WILL SEE ME BECAUSE I WAS OPERATED ON BY A DIFFERENT SURGEON. Yes, a different surgeon that used me as a gunea pig and wants about as much to do with me as I him. That relationship is compltely severed. So, for the love of god, does ANYONE know ANY doctor in the PIttsburgh, PA area that will see me "even if I was touched already or operated on?".
Dont throw out Dr. Sekula because unfortunately he now has the same policy. I couldnt get past the nurse, Anne, to even schedule an appointment and man... I tried.

Thank you thank you thank you. I will look him up, see what I can find out. If I have to drive to NJ, then I will drive to Nj. Again thank you!