First time since chewing gum incident months ago driving and having pain attack

and there I was driving to the pharmacy to pick up my pain med :(

I think my Typical TN 1 is morphing. I think the beast took a week off to power up. I can't live like this. I do not think all the meds are going to help my cause. I look forward to my surgical consult. Although I am very uncomfortable about the Mayo Clinic, even though the nurses would lay their lives on the line there while not liking to work for them.

Choosing a surgeon will probably be difficult based on what I have been reading, at least for me. I need a lot of hand holding and all the doctors are so busy. I am going to check into the concierge doctor for my GP issues. It might be time to say good by to the family doctor of 15 or so years. :(

(I did place a call and write an Email to one of the Dentists on the TN board, no response.)

If anyone on the boards has worked with a surgeon that has a good bedside manner and has had their situation work out to the doctors outlook please respond.



Oh, and I'm going to name my pain....Damien. Has anyone else named their pain?

I don't know if you have seen how much I'm starting to mention Dr. Kenneth Casey here. Just google him, in Michigan.

Email him - he will email you back - no calling the nurse, phone tag, etc

I always had a list of questions written down.

He answered every (probably near 100 questions!) from me and my husband. In person and on computer.

He's more factual than touchy feely, but has a great sense of humor.

Answered every follow up email after my MVD when I got back to Missouri.



Would you be so kind as to update us on your MVD. I have a neurosurgical consult at the Mayo in Jax on Feb 1st and would really like to have some info from another surgeon regarding this MVD.

Best Wishes,