Here we go again, time for some late night bloggery, ( that was bloggery!!!)

Well after nearly a month waiting for a reply from my surgeon about the styloidectomy being a bust because of where I get the pain I have taken matters into my own hands ( once again) and I have emailed a glosso specializing neurosurgeon in Bristol to see what he thinks, I may not get a response, but I figured there was no harm in asking a hypothetical question because given the NHS waiting times there is no way I’d get a neuro/neurosurgeon consult before getting the date for my op through.
So we shall see if I get a response to this one.

The other thing that’s really beginning to concern me is these nasty chest pains I’ve been getting, nothing extreme, but deffinatley uncomfortable, I phoned NHS 24 about it months and months and months ago because apparently tegs can make yer ticker wonkey, but they said it shouldn’t be anything to do with that and to just make a docs appointment, given it’s mild by comparison to the GN pain, I did nothing about it, it’s not constant, it just comes and goes, so I did nothing, but lately it seems to be getting worse, it’s left side, which is my worse side for the head spazzes at the moment, and all of a sudden I realised that even though I never pass out with this damn thing, the flippin head spazzes can affect the ticker too, I’ve known this all along, but never made the connection, so I guess I’m gonna have to go to the doc and see about that too.

Bah flaming hunbug, fed up, doc call on the cards again, I never bother going to my GP, I don’t like to bother them cause more often than not it’s all GN related and they don’t know anything about it so I deal with the consultants directly, but back to the old office for this one me thinks.

Anyway much love to you all, I just thought I’d let you know what was going on in my little world.

Gracie x x x