Surgical treatment

Since we’re so new and we’re all just finding our feet round here I thought I’d throw some discussions up, get folk chatting.

There are so many surgeries out there, and for us glosso’s there seem to be far more complications involved than there are for TN, and somehow the success stories seem to be far fewer than there are for TN.

From what I understand it is cause the glosso albeit much smaller is much more involved with functions, and far more interconnected to everything around it and also the heart, I mean really to have to have a pacemaker in before surgery says it all really! But how much of it is that, and how much of it is that surgeons just don’t get to practice on us so often, is it just cause there are so few of us, that no one gets a chance to build up any real level of experience? I don’t know, just a thought I suppose.

Anyway, surgeries, what has everyone have done?What procedures did you undergo, how did they affect you? Good bad and ugly results welcome.

I’ve not had any surgery yet, but I’m awaiting a tonsillar/styloidectomy, as they think my GPN is as a result of eagles, and I’m not looking forward to the surgery much, ( neither have I managed to give up the cigs yet either) but my tusks should be out for Christmas.
As for that surgery, from what I can gather the folk who have it done for eagles seem to feel a benefit, but the guys that have it done for glosso don’t seem to fair so well, I’m not sure why of if the long term impact of the bones causes longer term damage to the nerve, but that’s just a guess.

Ooh and another thing I was speaking to a gent a few days ago who is having his nerve severed, and his surgeon’s told him he should have so impact to his swallowing or speech? Can that be right? I would have thought to have it severed it would give you all manner of bother when the supposedly non invasive treatment like MVD can give you all kinds of grief, is it just a particular branch getting snipped maybe, the joys of tegretol and not thinking of questions to ask at the time eh?

Anyway folks, I’d be really interested to hear your stories

Much love

Gracie x x x