Surgical Treatments for GPN

Hello! I was recently told that I now should be consulting with a surgeon and was wondering what the surgeries were. If people could list them, what they do, side effects. I want to be educated before I go. It is very scary to me but this pain is never ending. I cant sleep, I cant eat, and it is unbearable. Any help is appreciated!

Hey Chrisa,

Hope you're doing well, I can understand the wanting to be educated when you're looking at something like this, it's no small decision. Here are a few links about what gets used for this, they may or may not be of help to you
good article
this article details that if pain is not limited to the pharynx then intracranial surgery is the only option- they don't normally tell us that, so I thought that was REALLY interesting.
here's another but probably nothing new to be gleaned but I hadn't read it before so here it is
this one pretty much says "cut it ye buggers cause you wont get proper relief otherwise, and the other ops are bound to fail you eventually"
cardiac glosso- interestingly articly mentions still using muscle in decompression surgery, didn't think they did that anymore cause it either dissolved or turned into gnarly scar tissue, I can't remember which- either way I didn't think it was the norm any more.
when MRI shows nothing it can still be there!
this one says have the MVD it's great, it works, it keeps working, good follow up etc
this one says we'll give you a rhizotomy, but only if you have cancer, cause we can screw you up a bit too much otherwise
more detailed version of the GPN and ketamine thing
TN/GPN combi patient article

Sorry for the paraphrasing, but if nothing else it keeps me right, I hope you find some relief soon.

Much love as ever

Gracie . x x x

i appreciate all this and am going to be reading it thank you!!!