Xanax and Medical Marijuana and Acupuncture, Oh My!

I’ve been trying Xanax (no other medications) three times a day for the past few days and have found that helped stop the pain all over my scalp and cheeks. It also makes me want to sleep all the time and feel totally out of shape, out of breath, out of any enthusiasm for anything. Like you want to sleep and never wake up. I am amazed that some of you can tolerate so much Neurontin. I had a hard time getting beyond 600 mg/day without getting very dizzy and feeling totally sick. Even 300 mg sometimes made me feel awful. I did try taking one Neurontin for pain above my eyeball one day and it worked at taking it away. It’s just getting the Neurontin on a regular basis that’s a problem. I see a neurologist next Tuesday, finally. Does Neurontin come in pill form, that could be cut up and gradually increased? My internist gave me capsuls so there’s no way to ease into it. Maybe Neurontin and Xanax together would work?: OK, now the question - has anyone tried medical marijuana for this? I may also try acupuncture…At this point I’d dance naked in Macy’s window at high noon just to get my life back.

I took 300 mg pills of neurontin. I was increased 300 at a time until I got to 3600. I still want to take it in 300 mg because I still have hope I will be able to cut back.
But trileptal is what makes me sleepy.
I haven’t thought of dancing naked but I would definitely sign up for that if I knew it would work. I’m sure all of us would do that. Haven’t tried the marijuana. I don’t even know if it is legal in Alabama. I doubt it is.

I’m a pensioner so people would pay me to put my clothes back on. x

I’m 58 years old so if I danced naked it would put dents in the ceiling and floor.

Oregon has a medical pot law. Most people I know who have tried pot for TN said it did very little for the pain, but they did gain a lot of weight as pot gives you the munchies.